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5 aprile 2022

“Come si cambia per ricominciare”: intervista alla Presidente CBItalia Carlotta Ferrari

Thank you again for being a great host, and my agent, thank you for great Site inspection and all your help during exhibition.
I really liked the fair, people, whole organization and Milan.


I. B.  – Buyer

Convention Bureau Italia does a wonderful job showing our beautiful regions, traditions and heritage to international


L. N. – Supplier

Thank you very much for a fantastic evening! You organized some fantastic representatives for tourism and meeting and opportunities throughout Italy.


G. Q. – Buyer

Thank you so very much for arranging our visit to Rome. We appreciate all the effort to plan our meetings at the hotels and closing dinner venues.
Thank you for your hospitality and for providing at true Italian experience!


M. S. – Buyer

Thank you again. It is so gratifying to have the support of a Convention Bureau in our efforts to bring American Incentives to new destinations. This type of partnership is 100% rewarding for all concerned.


S. M. – Buyer


You and your team were just amazing, and helped us so much! I’m forever grateful!


L. L. – Buyer

Our trip was a complete success! Thank you very much ladies, you are quite an accomplished team and it was a pleasure to work with you and your associates.


D. M. – Buyer

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