EMI-Dmc Italy

EMI-Dmc Italy

Truman Capote declared that “Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.” Sir Walter Scott exclaimed that he would “not die quite happy without having seen something of that Rome” of which he had read so much.

Thanks to its extensive network and privileged contact book, EMI-Dmc Italy is well-placed to offer clients comprehensive services through all stages of exclusive events, meetings and incentives. Attracting in the region of 40 million visitors annually, Italy’s hidden treasures provide the focus for the company whose bespoke portfolio features after-hours tours of the Sistine Chapel, a private Armani fashion show, and Ferrari transfers.

The strength of EMI-Dmc Italy is two-fold. Headed by Chantal Fiorelli, a leader in the Italian MICE industry, the staff’s international background lends all operations a progressive outlook, while its emphasis on professionalism and continuous improvement results in a fusion of global best practices. More than two decades’ worth of industry expertise and area knowledge enables the company to forge lifelong partnerships by creating cost-effective and unique solutions that directly reflect the client’s needs, with a distinctly Italian flavour.


Creativity, moreover, raises this boutique operation’s profile well above those of Italian competitors. Rejecting off-the-peg customer solution models, EMI-Dmc Italy sets a new standard in exclusive events, venturing down unbeaten paths in search of new opportunities for delighting its customers.

Outward-looking and visionary, EMI-Dmc Italy makes use of its influence to positively impact society; with its charitable undertakings and in its attention to environmental issues and ethics, the company keeps the wider interests of community and country at the heart of all its business pursuits. Clients who entrust us with their Italian experience are sure to return home with the words of Eila Hiltunen on their lips: “Even now I miss Italy dearly; I dream about it every night.

EMI-Dmc Italy aims to deliver innovative and edgy solutions to client requests without compromising its integrity on environmental and ethical matters. By committing to reduce its carbon footprint, and through actively supporting suppliers and clients with a reputation for ethical best practices, the company additionally subscribes to the following values to bolster its CSR Programme:

  • Respect is central to all internal and external dealings;
  • The company is aware of its position within a broader societal context, resulting in concrete practices such as recycling and consuming resources responsibly.

EMI-Dmc Italy understands that investing time in the community is often more costly yet more effective than a monetary donation. The company’s social activities include the following:

  • Resource Management policy to limit waste;
  • Collaboration with numerous charitable bodies such as RomAltruista in the interests of social outreach; where possible, the company encourages clients to incorporate philanthropic endeavours into their programme;
  • Rigorous supplier selection process: local companies are our first choice in order to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and support the area’s economy.

At EMI-Dmc Italy, our social responsibilities are keenly felt. Updated on a regular basis, our full CSR report forms the backbone of business, impacting everything from which coffee we drink in the office to who supplies the lighting at our clients’ events. We work tirelessly to ensure our events turn heads for all the right reasons.



  • Elite hotels: from the world’s best resorts to the most discreet retreats;
  • Breathtaking venues: castles, cloisters and amphitheatres.

Exclusive Access

  • After­-hours private viewings: museums, private residences and noble palaces;
  • Sightseeing and themed tours: wine tasting, Renaissance Italy – the list continues.

Activities and Entertainment

  • Exclusive entertainment: private concerts, fashion shows and opera performances;
  • Teambuilding: endless possibilities including Roman treasure hunts and rowing competitions on the River Arno in Florence;
  • Spouse programmes: spa days, private sightseeing and exclusive cookery classes.


  • Unique transportation: golf buggies, vintage scooters, luxury yachts and Ferrari transfers;
  • Conference venues of all sizes throughout Italy;
  • Music, lighting, costumes and catering for galas and parties;
  • Hospitality and professional assistants providing comprehensive services, whether at luxury sites or for a prompt meet/greet;
  • Gifts and awards: your personal selections from Italian designers such as Armani and Bulgari, or entrust us with choosing from the finest craftsmen.

Case History of Success

Sizzling Success: German Investors Learn the Art of Italian Cooking

When confronted with a request for team building activities, a host of considerations runs through our minds ever before we put pen to paper. Successful and enjoyable activities share several winning characteristics, and we work tirelessly to offer each client unique solutions with style. With these elements in mind, we incorporated an exclusive cookery course into the programme we designed for a group of senior investors. The experience blended a mix of ancient traditions with modern flavours; and we spooned on a generous helping of the flair that ensures all EMI events whet the appetite for future partnerships. One of several equally impressive activities, the experience delighted not only the taste buds of all participants, opening a door onto the impressive culinary repertoire that has long earned Italy its fame as a Mecca of gratifying gustation; but the structure of the programme encouraged each reserved member of the group to gel into a coherent whole. As the German investors left Italy, promises of repeat custom on their lips, the thrill of having experienced something beyond the confines of the financial sector left a delectable aftertaste that would linger long after EMI bade the group buon viaggio.

Cocktails and Couture: American Advertisers Steal the Show

Successful events are not always ones that reinvent the wheel. Clients are consistently impressed by our ability to put a fresh spin on their requests. Our group of award-winning American advertisers, visibly impressed by the lack of frantic shoppers in contrast to the crush at the nearby Spanish Steps, entered the hush of Valentino and Prada for a private opening. Booked for the occasion, the boutiques’ muted rooms and devoted staff welcomed our guests with a quality of service and attention to each client’s needs that recalled the sartorial workshops of Savile Row. With abundant history and noteworthy architecture within easy access of the address, this private shopping experience promised a lull in the clients’ packed schedule. While some sipped from sparkling flutes, other clients had the opportunity to parade their selections down a catwalk erected for the purpose. The group’s impression of the MadeInItaly label could not have been more positive as they returned to the US to continue creative ventures of their own.

Femmes au Volant! Top-end Transfers to First-Rate Food

Dining in Italy is always an experience. With its blend of vibrant colours and tantalizing flavours, the Roman experience extends beyond the dish to the affable camerieri, the rustic settings and the fragrant air. When EMI hosted a twentieth anniversary women-only corporate celebration, it turned stereotype on its head and put the fairer sex behind the wheels of countless gleaming Ferrari. Pulling up into Santo Spirito’s atmospheric courtyard with skirts flying, more than one guest demounted a Ducati. The setting, a vision from a Fleming thriller, married modern and old in perfect harmony. Enclosed by the cool calm of the colonnades, our high-flying guests were waited upon in glittering style. For them, the distinction between luxury transfer and unparalleled service and cuisine fused into a single evening to remember for many more to come before their reluctant return to Canada.

Regal Picnic: High Tea in the Park

For many, summer heat carries the sound of clattering barbeque utensils as sun worshippers take to the outdoors for communal dining. EMI, which promises each and every client a bespoke experience like no other, turned the request of its FIT group into an elegant picnic outing that would have made Jane Austen proud. The manicured Villa Borghese grounds promised a leafy hiatus in a packed schedule. Our clients spent their second afternoon reclining on red and white linen, flanked by wicker baskets bursting with gourmet delights. The park, famous for its Globe Theatre, monuments and fountains, provided the ideal setting for a return to nature within reach of the group’s hotel and subsequent activities. Combining a decidedly Italian location and menu with an English air of days gone by, the family was thrilled at our programme that interspersed glamorous galas with more intimate events; EMI received a warm message of thanks for showing the group that the simple things in life are often the best.

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