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About Italian Special Occasions DMC

Italian Special Occasion DMC, a destination Management Company, was founded with a vision to transform the way people travel to Italy and host their events here. We wanted to go away from the mainstream and instead create an authentic experience for our guests.

In order for our clients to get to know, taste and feel Italy in a different way, our philosophy revolves around the following core principles:

  • Embracing local culture and traditions and weaving this precious heritage into the event experience
  • Promoting off to the beaten track destinations through our extensive regional Knowledge
  • Sponsoring seasonality to promote regions in their ideal season, thus acting sustainability and helping local communities
  • Being the hub for creativity through hidden Gems, extraordinary venues, and unforgettable activities to guarantee a successful, unique event

By be consistent with our strategy to promote Italy in this innovative way, we have become the local leader in “off to the beaten track” and off season travel and events in Italy

We work closely with our clients, taking a personalised approach, and support throughout the entire process to successfully achieve client’s business objectives.

Our Founder Laura Notarbartolo has lived in different countries working for a multinational and has years of tourism and event experience under her belt. Working with different cultures and speaking several languages, international environment is her playground and gives her a 360 degree view of this dynamic industry. Her approach to business is to keep certain level of flexibility and to understand that everything has a solution.

Our business, and of our clients, has an impact on the society, and through our events we want to leave positive impact and support local communities. We recommend hosting events off season and incorporating local element to give back to the communities where the event takes place. This will benefit both the local economy and is better for the environment.

Why choose us

  • Extensive Knowledge of Italy: we travel all year round to know even more of Italy, uncover Gems and propose surprising options.
  • Personalization, quality and expertise: we are proud of our international experience in travel, event and destination management and offer our clients a tailor made and flexible approach.
  • Impeccable suppliers: We deal directly with a carefully selected network of suppliers and negotiate better rates for our clients.
  • Personal event supervision: with our three offices in Tuscany, Rome and Sicily, we have the possibilities to supervise each event.
  • Our Passion: We love Italy and take pride in showcasing our beautiful country as a premium destination for events.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: we recommend the best season – region combination and authentic activities to help the local environment, community & economy.



Design, art, Theatre, Gastronomy: We have infused Italy’s excellence in our most successful events, to achieve our client’s business objectives in terms of brand reputation, incentives and corporate entertainment:

  • Meetings and conferences
  • Product launches
  • Incentives and team building
  • Award ceremonies
  • Exhibitions
  • Brand Experience
  • Live Entertainment
  • Motivation and experiential programs
  • Cultural experience


Our motto is “be Original”, this is the reason why none of our proposal are identical and why we don’t pitch a selection of package.

One of the most popular and dynamic options among groups requesting private tours,( and also for team building activities)  is the umbrella of activities under our “Creative Project”. Dedicated to Embracing ancient crafts and protecting Italy’s historic heritage, this innovative project allows travellers to interact with artisans, to put their creativity and skills to test, and to experience authenticity in a whole new way. 

  • Destination Weddings
  • Tailor made Tours
  • Food & Wine Experience

Case History of Success

Client (industry): technology provider

Location – Rome

Duration – four days

Number of participants – 400

Brief – organise international conference and expo dedicated to retails and hospitality business reuniting partners from over 70 countries. Italian Special Occasions DMC was tasked to plan, coordinate and supervise logistics of the entire event.

Solution – Rome was pre-selected and we organised a fam trip for the client to inspect suitable venues for planned activities – gala dinner, expo, conference and leisure activities.

Results – we conceived an event theme that translated through entire event and was “Ancient Roman Technology meets 21st century technology”. The theme was inspired by the Eternal City and matched client’s objective – innovation, international and cutting edge technology.

We captivated attendees attention and stimulated their minds by incorporating the five senses. Private DJ, Opera, private concert, motivational speakers and artist took care of the atmosphere. Alfresco aperitivo and rich buffet catered to all diets and incorporated fresh and healthy ingredients provided for attendees wellbeing, and selection of unique venues coupled with leisure activities showcased the hidden Rome.

Choosing Rome in April (off season) helped client get the best value for money and their first venues of choice for the event. Rome was best choice to accommodate the large number of delegates from all over the world and provided good accessibility. 

Client (industry): beauty

Location – Florence

Duration – two days

Number of participants – 150

Brief – organise a product launch of a new hair line product for 150 hair salons and their managers. Additionally, communicate brand’s message of endless pursuit of magic and perfection.

Solution – Italian Special Occasions DMC was responsible for designing, planning and executing the entire event. Our client came on a fam trip and was able to visit the short-listed venues. We applied our innovative approach by incorporating the five senses and held the event off season, thus delivering a powerful, memorable and impactful product launch according to client needs and objectives.

Result – The theme selected was “Florence Renaissance”. It resonated with the product because it led to a new rational and artistic identity with revised values, ethics and spirituality. It also incorporated the values of innovation, creativity and aesthetics in the past, present and future.

The venue selected was a luxury estate with ancient buildings, luxury villas, gardens, restaurants, and amphitheatre, vineyards and wine cellar. We were able to use the entire venue for the event and use its multiple spaces for different functions. The Gala Dinner was a celebration of the five senses. A variety of visuals, music and fashion show ignited the senses of sight and sound, and the dinner with local specialties and visit to the ancient wine cellars, where the famous Chianti wine was produced, revived the senses of smell, touch and taste. 

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