Superstudio Events

Superstudio Events

10.000 square meters of exhibition space, few steps from the center, in Milan. Superstudio Events manages Superstudio Più, the first and still largest private exhibition space in the city center, offering 10 main rooms, large internal courtyards, a disco area, a gardenroof on Milan’s rooftops, a party space, a restaurant and all-round services to accommodate large, and small, events of all kinds: corporate, institutional, formal but also private as long as in search of a place to be customized.

Empty rooms, like a painter’s canvas, lend themselves to every interpretation thanks to their flexibility: from 2.600 square meters of the largest venue to the 300 square meters of the smallest, they are communicating with each other but also separate and independent.


Here we like technology: the fiber optic connection is everywhere, the wifi is free, the sign is an LED screen that the customer customizes, even the consumption counters are digitized.

The services we offer are many, all those that make you sleep peacefully whether it is a big agency or a private final customer; even working 24 hours a day, if necessary. Everything is done to facilitate the life of an event in our spaces, to help make it the best, so that when we leave our customers say: “We will return”. Only then, we know we have done a good and useful job.

While waiting for the international SA8000 certification, we act to improve constantly the environment of work for a higher satisfaction

Relevant to the position:
1) electronic meter system, to keep consumption under control
2) LED relamping in 2017 of all the location lights
3) expanded gardens and plants to reduce CO2
4) we distribute the products of the garden on the roof to the families in difficulty in the Barona district
5) we follow an ethical management of the workforce (personalized working time, flexibility, team buildings)
6) we have included the figure of the Health Manager to intercept the discomforts of the staff
7) Every week we offer a free yoga class for employees during working time

Why choose us

  • The special position. Central, safe, trendy and easily accessible
  • The variety of available spaces. Which get transformed at each event
  • The services offered. The best suppliers, not the most expensive ones, work with us
  • The team. Availability, attention, effectiveness: there are no problems here, but solutions
  • Our unique story. Since 2000 a point of reference for events, in Milan


Events hosted in 2017


Total sqm


Seats in the largest room


Visitors: average daily flow of a successful fair

Capacities and Floorplans

Central Point

2.600 sqm

1.800 - max. capacity theater

2.000 - max. capacity standing

Art Point

900 sqm.

450 - max. capacity theater

600 - max capacity standing


1.100 sqm.

500 - max. capacity dinner

1.000 - max capacity standing

Glazed Space

700 sqm

200 - max. capacity dinner

300 - max. capacity standing

Day Light

800 sqm. + mezzanine level (100 sqm.)

300 - max. capacity theater

600 - max capacity standing


400 sqm

280 - max. capacity theater

400 - max capacity standing


350 sqm

120 - max. capacity theater

250 - max. capacity standing


450 sqm

300 - max. capacity theater


Main Airports

Train Stations

Milano Centrale

Where we are

You can rely on:

Tommaso Stecchi Borioli

Valeria De Grandis
Booking Manager

Omar Bigi
Produzione Manager

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