MICO Milano Convention Centre

MICO Milano Convention Centre

MICO Milano Convention Centre is one of the largest conference facilities in Europe and worldwide. It’s able to accommodate up to 18,000 people in 70 or so fully appointed conference rooms with permanent control booth. Featuring two plenary rooms, one with seating for 4,000 and the other for 2,000 and an Auditorium that seats 1,500, it is the ideal venue for large-scale performances and for international conferences requiring a large number of rooms. The exhibition halls offer 54,000 sq.m of exhibition space and can also be set up as extra plenary rooms accommodating more than 5,000 people.

The conference rooms feature the full range of technologies: video projector, sound system, translator booths, fixed video cameras, closed circuit TV, Wi-Fi internet access and optical fiber cables. Showcasing a strong track record of Corporate and Associative international events, MiCo team collaborates with an established network of qualified suppliers and stakeholders at national and regional levels.

With regard to air-conditioning (heating/cooling), since 2014 a function for the resetting and optimization of the systems has been in operation so as to achieve the highest possible level of efficiency and effectiveness, with evident and significant energy saving.

In the rooms, halls and common areas a good part of the replacement has been completed of the traditional fixtures with discharge, metal iodides, fluorescent and halogen, in favor of new-generation Led lamps featuring DALI technology. This transformation makes it possible to cut energy consumption by about 60% and to reduce the manpower required for maintenance as the life of the apparatus is prolonged. The providers of services are actively involved in the operation (service staff, electricians, stage hands, etc.), who attend to the setting up of MiCo spaces on behalf of customers. Already today the main service partner uses spectacular lighting systems with Led technology. The process of techno-lighting updating will see further rapid acceleration which will lead to considerable results with the introduction of automation systems based on demotics (foreseen by the early months of 2017) that will allow the management of the lights in an intelligent manner, with further benefits in terms of consumption and the cost of staff.

About 80% of the indoor premises of MiCo are floored with a high-tech resin that a few hours after installation guarantees a level of volatile organic compounds (VOC) of less than 1%. Moreover, the employment of resin with low solvent content ensures long-lasting performance and possible reuse as a base for staging new events. The elimination of the cost of disposal is obvious.

The spacious new area put at the disposal of the citizenry for events, shows, start-ups, etc. on MiCo premises; operative beginning from September 2016, it is realized with recycled materials previously used in pavilions for the staging of meetings and congresses, and otherwise bound for disposal. The lighting system is with Led lights with DALI digital control.

Against Food Waste – Project Siticibo (Food Bank)
As part of its commitment to social work, MiCo has been engaged since May 2011 – together with Compass Group, the world leader company that attends to the banqueting for Portello meetings – in the redistribution free of charge of unconsumed meals to charitable association present in the territory.

Why choose us

  • As one of Europe’s largest convention centers its modular and versatile exhibition areas give every event the perfect ambience.
  • A cosmopolitan and multifaceted city that makes Milan to one of the world’s most welcoming destinations
  • Excellent high-end services, state-of- the-art technologies and proven track record of international events
  • Versatile areas – customisable set-up and furniture and highly professional audio-visual facilities tailored for every kind of event
  • Highly-experienced and skilled convention team in providing custom-tailored solutions
  • State-of- the-art meeting and hospitality facilities with ample connections to the city’s public transportation network and international airports

over 70

Meeting rooms


Exhibition space (sq. m)


Overall capacity


Main room max capacity (seated)

Capacities and Floorplans

Level -1

16 modular meeting rooms

478 sq. m - main hall (Orange 1+2+3)

390 seats - main room max. capacity

Level 0

7 modular meeting rooms

2 exhibition halls - 16.000 sq. m

896 seats - main room max. capacity

Level 1

9 modular meeting rooms - 11 offices

2 Registration areas, 1 Exhibition hall

756 seats - main room max. capacity

Level 2

2 plenary rooms (Silver & Gold)

17 modular meeting rooms

3.762 seats - main room max. capacity

Mezzanine Level

5 meeting rooms

3 offices

45 seats - main room max. capacity

Level 3

1 Auditorium / 870 sq.m Foyer

500 sq. m Panorama Lounge

1.572 seats - Auditorium max. capacity


Main Airports

Train Stations

Milano Centrale

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