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Corporate Philantropy 

Being able to look beyond business means projecting themselves towards a culture oriented to social innovation, choose a common future and generate an invaluable social value. More and more companies need to look beyond the development of their business. For this reason they tend to adopt a company policy able to appease economical and social targets in a substantial perspective and a future sustainability. Since 2010, Dynamo Academy suggests to companies a customise approach to Corporate Philanthropy, custom-made for every company, according to specific objectives, inside the special context of the Campus in Limestre. Dynamo Academy is a reference point for companies, groups and corporations: it provides services, education and consultation. 

Social Education 

Dynamo Academy offers programs of advance education and consultation on the themes concerning the area of Business for the Common Good, in a context of exchange and comparison based on concrete examples of inspiration.

Dynamo Academy represents in Italy, concerning the social business’ examples, an excellence: its profit is totally dedicated to Dynamo Camp’s cause. The experimental and training activities are inspired to the Therapeutic Recreation method: it is the methodological and values aspect that can be found on the basis of Dynamo Camp’s activities and philosophy. An education oriented to excellence is linked with the courage of propose an original company model, orientated to the partnership and to the synergy of everyone’s strong points

In Dynamo Academy’s proposal are also inserted Team Building activities and advancement of the Soft Skills. 

Local Authority of CECP

Since June 2016 Dynamo Academy is become the only one Italian Local Authority of CECP (Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy), established in 1999 by Paul Newman; it gathers more than 150 CEOs and top managers of great companies belonging to various sectors. The numbers of the companies associated to CECP are of great impact: 

-$7 trillion sales; -17.3 million of employees in the world (31% volunteering); -In 2015 contributions equal to $24.5 million. 

Dynamo Academy launched a research project in collaboration with SDA Bocconi to create togheter Giving in Italy: it is the first research report of companies’ donations which will permit to the participants to obtain an instrument to develop the company’s social strategy

All Dynamo Academy’s earnings, keeping out living expenses, support the project Dynamo and contribute to offer a better stay to the children which will be hosted during the forthcoming sessions of Dynamo Camp.

Dynamo Academy is the social enterprise that contributes to the sustainability of the Dynamo Camp project, the first Recreational Therapy Camp in Italy that accommodates, free of charge, children and adolescents with serious or chronic illnesses, undergoing therapy or in post-hospitalization.
For this reason, any activity or service that Dynamo Academy organizes or provides brings with it, by nature, a social value. Companies, organizations, foundations and any other reality that chooses Academy, indirectly contributes to the sustainability of the Dynamo project.
In addition, the Academy proposes specific CSR activities such as Corporate Volunteering.

Why choose us

  • Dynamo Academy offers a unique and personalised approach to the Corporate Philanthropy and to Business For The Common Good, purpose-built for each company depending on specific targets;
  • Dynamo Academy represents in Italy an excellence, with regard to the models of social enterprise: its profit is in fact totally destined to the cause of Dynamo Camp, the first camp in Italy organized for free accommodation for holiday periods for children with serious or chronic illnesses;
  • Dynamo Academy offers innovative forms of experiential activity. We pass to our participants Dynamo’s social values by providing awareness tools to stimulate new behavioural approaches to work and everyday relationships.
  • Dynamo Academy supports companies, organisations and foundations by providing consultancy in the environment of the Third Sector and Social Giving, favouring the growth of individual attitudes and team work processes, both needed to develop a correct strategic vision and an adequate operational capability;
  • Dynamo Academy promotes and develops a context of exchange and comparison based on concrete models. Since June 2016, Academy has become the only Italian Authority of CECP, Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy








Days of activity


Nowadays Dynamo Academy is a reference point for businesses, groups and organizations to provide services and training on social enterprise issues. With Dynamo Academy you can: 

  • Organise conventions, company meetings, training, conferences, seminars, cultural events;
  • Organise Corporate Social Responsability Programme and Corporate Volunteering activities by carrying out useful activities for Dynamo Camp;
  • Take advantage of the Academy’s staff experience for Team Building and Soft Skills activities, both Outdoor and Indoor.
  • Building tailor-made training on customer needs, promoting the culture of Social Responsibility and Business for the Common Good;
  • Provide strategic consulting for Corporate Giving, Corporate Philanthropy and Employee Engagement

Case History of Success

Eli Lilly and Company

 The Italian affiliate of the international pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company decided to celebrate with Dynamo an important anniversary, 2016’s, in the name of corporate social responsibility. For one day, the gates of the historic headquarters of Sesto Fiorentino, born almost 60 years ago, opened to the family members and friends of the company’s employees for a Family Day in total Dynamo style. During the event, there was a rich program of activities, such as drawing, makeup, creation of pins, science and nature workshops, lego, but also funfair, inflatables, photo booths, treasure hunts and percussions. During the evening, clownerie shows and a dj set were available for all those adults who wanted to have fun all together. Radio Dynamo‘s notes and DJs made the soundtrack of the event. As with all Academy projects, all the profits of the day went towards the Dynamo project, contributing to the children and family sessions at Dynamo Camp.


 Adecco Training, the educational department of the well known recruiting company, has chosen Academy for the elaboration of an educational program, based on Corporate Social Responsability Programme, addressed to the Milanese company Grundfos, leader of pumping systems, water solutions and highly involved in the social cause. A group of almost 100 people, from various departments, gathered all together in the same location, dedicating their time to an artistic Off Camp laboratory in full Dynamo style. They made several paintings using canvas, paint brushes and colours, just as real artists. 

The theme of the art work was “water”, connected to a solidarity project brought up by Grundfos, which was dealing with the water supply of a small town in Vietnam. This team building activity, born by the collaboration between Academy, Adecco and Grundfos, brought out the creativity and team spirit of all the participants.


 In 2015 Findomestic started a training program with its own human resources department, in collaboration with Dynamo Academy; by promoting activities of Corporate Social Responsability Programme and, most of all, by supporting the Dynamo project, Findomestic has designed and developed many Training and Meeting events at the Camp. Every year different business departments gather together at Dynamo Camp, in order to work on various focal points for the Banking Group. The appointment formula varies depending on the type of project, ranging from Corporate Volunteering to indoor, outdoor or artistic workshops that take place under the guidance of both professional commissioned trainers and the Academy staff. The Company has also supported the Camp not only through the donation of useful materials, necessary for the children activities, but also by choosing Academy as main partner for the businesses’ Family Day, which every year opens its doors to all the family members of the employees. 


 Dynamo Camp hosted for the first time 80 haematologists who lived a unique experience: the ComuniCare project, a training program focused on the importance of doctor-to-patient communication and strongly wanted by Novartis. During the two days at the Camp, the scientific lessons were mixed with training moments on communication techniques and practical sessions. Physicians had the opportunity to understand the “role” of the patient, with an emotional involvement that has enabled them to mature the awareness that curing is not just managing the disease, but also taking care of the person in its entirety.The ComuniCare events were also an opportunity for doctors to live the Camp in first person, for Novartis to contribute to the sustainability of the Association and for Dynamo to reach new hospital centres and so to extend its programs to a wider number of children and young people.

Lungarno Collection

 Hotel Lungarno, part of the group Lungarno Collection, chose to organize with Academy a day full of activities in the WWF affiliated reserve Oasis Dynamo (located within the Camp), such as: rock climbing, rope bridge, giant mikado and canoeing. The event was organized due to the renovation and reopening of the historic Florentine Hotel: a crucial moment for the team, who was asked to work together to reach higher and challenging goals, in terms of service and attitude towards its guests. After a long classroom training, the whole team, supervised by a specialized trainer, attended the event at the Camp, carrying out an Orienteering, with physical and ability tests. The activity was structured to be challenging and at a particularly steady pace, so that the participants could experience group dynamics and understand how important it is to collaborate with colleagues to reach common goals, especially in stressful moments. 

Iccrea Banca

 ICCREA, banking group of the Italian overview, created a complex and innovative project, lasted almost a year, which involved 150 young employees, who gathered together at Dynamo Camp for a three days event, organized by Dynamo Academy. The project required a careful and accurate process of consulting and planning, during which Dynamo Academy, through laboratories and experiential activities, led the participants to the awareness and the full conscience of the five business values, together with the fundamental role that they play in Business and with the durability of a company. The participants, divided in 5 teams, each followed by trainers, facilitators and professional staff, worked together, sharing moments of practical activities and moments of briefing and debriefing, in order to be able to apply the learning to their every-day life.

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