Our Staff

Carlotta Ferrari

M. +39 342 0148387

Tobia Salvadori

Strategic Relations
M. +39 346 0951608

They say I’m intransigent. They say I’m diplomatic. All this, together with an eternal English aplomb. Probably it’s all true.
I am also determined to always give of my best and that is possibly my best quality. At times I can be a little “reckless”; twice I have jumped in with my eyes closed – first time when I joined the Sicily CB and then at the CBI – but they have proved to be the moves which have given me the greatest satisfactions.

Gemma Biagiotti

Operations Director
M. +39 345 6541724

Twelve years full of passion in Communication, Great Events and International Festival, related to the cultural field and to the performing arts.
My purpose in the MICE sector is to bring to it creativity and originality, giving value to contents and beauty.

Francesca Sandri

International Events Project Leader
M. +39 366 5468823

Friendly and empathetic, I have always been fascinated by the magical world of events. Despite a strong passion for technology and computer science, cultivated during my university studies, I experienced the organization of events from two fundamental points of view: from the agency’s and the corporate’s one. During my experience in CBI I understood that the satisfaction that comes from a successful event is peerless.

Serena Zagni

RFP Project Leader
M. +39 342 8090596

I am genuinely Emiliana (from the Emilia Region) but always devoted to adventure. I have a background in tourism and then, thanks to a good combination of passion and curiosity, I moved to the field of the International Events Management, in UK. Concepts like MICE and Convention Bureaus achieves shape into my mind later; when I was in Argentina attending an ICCA Congress as a scholarship student. I tend to prefer actions rather than words. For all the rest of the things I am not able to say about myself, you can may ask to my luggage.

Alba Caligiore

Communication Executive
M. +39 342 0148387

I was born in Sicily, but, since a very young age, I used to live in many different places. Wherever I go, I always take with me the scent of the sea and the warmth of the Sicilian sun, that makes me feel like home in every place in the world. Growth with bread, classical culture and ethics of work, I studied Art and Conservation of Cultural Assets. Knowing the importance of communication, I approach the world of the MICE industry with the same enthusiasm and curiosity that I put into every new challenge. I love all the beauty that I can meet on my path.

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