BoxIT: Italy always at your fingertips

In a world that was quickly evolving, there was the urgent need to go beyond the traditional ways of promoting Destinations. In order to deliver a prompt response to this need, Convention Bureau Italia developed BoxIT: the intuitive, no-frills digital platform that makes networking between top international buyers and selected italian suppliers, a breeze, but most importantly time-efficient and super easy to use. We specifically designed BoxIT to become a virtual beacon for business in Italy no matter where you are: it will either keep you in the loop about the latest MICE trends in Italy from home, yet also enhancing B2B events when it will be possible to travel once again, making BoXIT a crucial tool for the MICE kick-start worldwide.


A powerful tool, without the complexity

Discover new, exciting reasons to choose Italy for your next events

Go beyond LIVE events: put Italy in your pockets. Anywhere. Anytime.

Full control over your privacy means a smooth, hassle-free experience


Claim today your virtual window on Italy… IT'S IN THE BOX!


Is BoxIT an events digital software?

No. While there is an event section (“Events”) dedicated to all the initiatives organised by Convention Bureau Italia, BoxIT is first and foremost a networking and promotional digital platform, which makes connections and interactions easier and quicker.

Do I need any special equipment or software?

No special equipment nor software is required. BoxIT runs in all modern website browsers and across all platforms. In the near future we will also publish a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Is BoxIT public or private?

Private, mostly. Specific contents are not visible to non-subscribers. Do not forget that you can also decide autonomously which content to keep private or public.
Convention Bureau Italia has full access control on every BoxIT user; each new registration is in fact monitored, analysed and eventually authorized solely by Convention Bureau Italia.

Who has access to BoxIT?

Members of Convention Bureau Italia and National/International buyers interested in Italy as a MICE and Wedding Destination.

Why should I use BoxIT?

By creating your own profile, you can easily connect with buyers or suppliers whenever you want, avoiding to scatter your effort with hundreds of emails, and, in the process, dramatically reducing interaction times: take advantage of private messages, discussion forums or timelines and start networking today!
If you are a supplier, BoxIT is the right tool to promote your product in a direct and innovative way: share pictures, videos, create presentation groups and decide your target of buyers. BoxIT is your Stage!
Are you looking for new and exciting ideas for your event in Italy? Learn more about Destinations and the Italian MICE professionals and sign up for the different courses available in the “Learn&Win” section – you may also win a Fam trip in beautiful sunny Italy!

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