Our Team

Carlotta Ferrari

M. +39 342 0148387

Tobia Salvadori

M. +39 346 0951608

They say I’m intransigent. They say I’m diplomatic. All this, together with an eternal English aplomb. Probably it’s all true. I am also determined to always give of my best and that is possibly my best quality. At times I can be a little “reckless”; twice I have jumped in with my eyes closed – first time when I joined the Sicily CB and then at the CBI – but they have proved to be the moves which have given me the greatest satisfactions.

Laura D'Ambrosio

Wedding Division Manager & Sales Strategist
M. +39 3665468823

Cristina Grumeza


Business Development & Lead Generation
M. +39 342 8090596

Gianni Becevel


Communication Manager
M. +39 345 4555934

A BA in Foreign Languages and Literature and professional experience in various sectors of MICE, oscillating between creative communication and pure operations: is it ok to have your head in the clouds and your feet firmly set on the ground? Communicating effectively for me means creating emotions, teasing the reader’s intellect and curiosity, distilling concepts into essential words.

Giulia Miccinesi

Membership & Italy at Hand Project Leader
M. +39 342 0148387

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