Convention Bureau Napoli

Convention Bureau Napoli

Convention Bureau Napoli (CBN) is a private network of Neapolitan MICE operators. Our aim is promoting the city as a destination for conferences, conventions, incentive and events, as well as offering free and neutral advisory services for professionals interested in organizing a meeting in Naples. Convention Bureau Napoli supports event and meeting planners with site inspections, promotional materials, contacts with local authorities, suppliers and Institutions.

Whatever your business event needs, use our free-of-charge service to get the most out of Naples.

A connected city. Situated in the South of Italy, Naples is easy to reach thanks to several national and international direct connections. Naples International Airport is located 5 km away from the city center and connects to more than 90 national and international destinations: the main European hubs can be reached in less than 3 hours. In addition, the high-speed train network guarantees short connections with the principal Italian cities.

A city full of venues to meet. Naples is among the most ancient European cities founded by Greeks 2,500 years ago. Its contemporary urban fabric preserves the elements of its long and eventful history: the city center is the largest in all Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage site since in 1995. Many Museums, some exclusive Palaces, Churches, Castles, Theatres together with the Catacombs and the underground tunnels can be privatized for your unconventional MICE events. Naples can host conferences, conventions and shows in 3 congress and exhibition centers and conference hotels with meeting rooms of different sizes. 

Unique local food & wine. The Campania Region is the 2nd in Italy and the 1st in South Italy for traditional certified food and wine productions. For the Neapolitans cooking is an art, whose ancient historical roots date back to the Greek-Roman period. Homeland of pizza, mozzarella, espresso coffee, white Falanghina wine, red Aglianico wine and Limoncello, Naples is the ideal destination for cooking classes, wine tasting and team buildings.

An experience to be lived. Naples is a city full of surprises: with its mild Mediterranean weather for most time of the year, you can do any activity … except skiing! From scuba diving up to hiking Vesuvius Volcano, from sailing in the Gulf of Naples to horse riding on Ischia island, from Vespa touring on the Amalfi coast to time travelling in the archeological sites of Herculaneum and Pompeii, from discovering the treasure of San Gennaro (St. Januarius), the patron Saint of the city, to assisting to folkloristic and religious celebrations. Professionals who come for business in Naples always return for pleasure.

Free advice from convention bureau napoli. Our team is at your disposal to reply to the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the organization of your meeting and event in Naples, free of charge. CBN forwards your request to all its members to submit you the best offers and supports you in compiling bids, organizing site inspection visits etc.

CBN members can rely on a very qualified staff and encourage them to attend to specialized training courses in order to improve their skills and team working abilities.
As concerns sustainability, CBN selects only suppliers that respect environment and prefer eco-friendly materials.


It is a new gala dinner concept with respect of costs and the environment, without losing quality and food safety, helping waste reduction. It is an event created to show guests a menu for special occasions based on typical products, poor raw materials, wholesome and nutritious, for banquet and classy gala, in the perspective of recovery and no waste.
The set-up is an important element too. Tables are decorated with coloured organza, jute, embroidered tablecloths and old silverware, pots with multicolour stones, shells and sand. All objects in disuse brought back to new life with a pinch of creativity. The dinner will be animated by the Refusal of Sound, a percussion group that plays recycled drums, lamps and plates.

Food for Good – from meeting to solidarity

Stop to the wastefulness of food at the events!
We observe with discomfort and helplessness the waste of food at the end of a lunch or a dinner during the conference. Nonetheless, the buffet has to be rich and please the eye and the number of people who take part is never certain. Consequently, too often large amounts of food end up in the trash.
The project Food for Good was born for this reason. Thanks to Banco Alimentare and Equoevento Onlus the supplier partner of the congress catering is in contact with a non-profit organization of Naples aimed at recovering the exceeding food at the end of the event.

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  • A connected city.
  • A city full of venues to meet.
  • Unique local food & wine. 
  • An experience to be lived.
  • Free advice from convention bureau napoli. 


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Max. Capacity – Plenary


Naples is one of the most ancient cities in the world, founded by Greeks in 470 B.C. Its lively street pattern and its historic buildings give to the city an incomparable universal value. The artistic treasures to visit in Naples are too many to count, so much that the historical center is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. At the same time, we must not forget its contemporary creative nature. The city’s enviable geographical position, in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius and in close proximity to the islands of Capri and Ischia, halfway down the Italian coast makes it easy to reach from anywhere in the world.

Naples is a perfect destination for the MICE target since it encompasses one of the worldwide most valuable heritage, breath-taking landscapes and centers of excellence in education, research, art, science and design. The sunny weather all the year round, the lifestyle, the gastronomy, the qualified hospitality industry are the main features of the destination. The International Airport located in the heart of the city and the high-speed trains’ network make Naples easy accessible guarantee to arrive easily to Naples from all over the world.

Congress Center & Venues

Mostra d'Oltremare

11 Meeting Rooms

1.155 Max. Capacity

Città della Scienza

14 Meeting Rooms

821 Max. Capacity

Catacombs of Naples

2 Meeting Rooms

400 Max. Capacity

Monumental Complex of Donnaregina

9 Meeting Rooms

400 Max. Capacity

Cartastorie Foundation

3 Meeting Rooms

150 Max Capacity

Pietrarsa National Museum

13 Meeting Rooms

1.500 Max Capacity (Open Air space)

Filangeri Museum

2 Meeting Rooms

150 Max Capacity

Zevallos Palace

1 Meeting Room

99 Max Capacity

Borbonica Gallery

9 Meeting Rooms

200 Max Capacity

Incentive Activities

Pizza cooking

The pizza cooking is a teaching methodology aimed at fostering team building, time and ingredients management skills. The participants are equipped with an apron and a pizza maker hat, and have at their disposal all the ingredients to prepare the pizza dough and to stuff it, following the directions of a professional pizza maker.

Vespa tour

Vespa Tour is a team building activity that gives to participants the possibility of discovering, in a very original way, unknown places of the city of Naples or of another exclusive place. An expert driver will explain the unusual itinerary. This kind of tour can be even more interesting when combined with a treasure hunt.

How many people fits into the car

Team building activity tailored on the client’s requests. The participants are divided in teams and the competition consists in fitting the maximum number of people in a FIAT 500 vintage car in a pre-established time

The Pompei Odissey

Ancient centurions and maidservants will lead the participants to the entrance of the archaeological site of Pompeii. Each team will follow a customized site map that conducts the guests to the discovery of the Pompeii 79 A.D daily life. During the activity, the teams are subject to trials in order to gain sesterces/points. At the end, the winning team will get the Pompeii honorary citizenship by a Roman Senator.

Photo rally on the coast

A funny “tourist-gastronomic–crafts” rally that follows an itinerary from the Sorrento peninsula to the Amalfi coast. As F1 pilots, the race starts after a waving flag and a rain of kabuki fires. Each team will have a name and a distinctive colour. It will be equipped with a camera, a customized map with the route to follow and an envelope with the indication of the first milestone to reach. Following the route, the participants will meet legendary characters of the visited locations, facing trials and competitions. At the end of the activity, the winner team will be awarded during a special ceremony.

Guess the ingredient

This is a format designed for corporate dinners, where food is the undisputed star. Two teams and one big challenge: guess the secret ingredients of the dishes expertly prepared by star chefs. The format can be realized in any location, even in an enterprise space.


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