About Us

Mission and Value

“The role of the Convention Bureaux is to reduce the distance between their destinations and the organisers of events. This is the part we play every day from our offices which represent a network of over 3500 Italian companies. CBItalia mission is to promote Italy as a MICE destination, acting as an experienced first point of contact andcomprehensive source of information for those looking at Italy as a destination for their events. We support Italian and international event planners, providing impartial advice, with a constant attention to the event logistical needs and, most importantly, to its objectives.”

Tobia Salvadori, CBItalia Strategic Relation, from  Association Workshop “An Italian Evening”, Bruxelles, 20th June 2019


Promotes Italy as a MICE destination


Assisting in finding the most suitable location and venue for events


Coordinates and represent the Italian MICE offer at international level


Spreads the culture of the Mice industry


Enhance business opportunities for Members and the entire country


Meeting event management needs by managing their RFPs


Convention Bureau Italia arose in June 2014 from the desire of all the main trade associations to respond to the needs of the Italian Meeting Industry operators.
In March 2015 it became the official National Convention Bureau after the signing of a memorandum of understanding with ENIT – Italian National Tourist Board.

Our Staff

Carlotta Ferrari

M. +39 342 0148387

Tobia Salvadori

Strategic Relations
M. +39 346 0951608

They say I’m intransigent. They say I’m diplomatic. All this, together with an eternal English aplomb. Probably it’s all true. I am also determined to always give of my best and that is possibly my best quality. At times I can be a little “reckless”; twice I have jumped in with my eyes closed – first time when I joined the Sicily CB and then at the CBI – but they have proved to be the moves which have given me the greatest satisfactions.

Gemma Biagiotti

Operations Director
M. +39 345 6541724

Twelve years full of passion in Communication, Great Events and international Festival, related to the cultural field and to the performing arts. My purpose in the MICE sector is to bring to it creativity and originality.

Francesca Sandri

International Events Project Leader
M. +39 366 5468823

Friendly and empathetic, I have always been fascinated by the magical world of events. Despite a strong passion for technology and computer science, cultivated during my university studies, I experienced the organization of events from two fundamental points of view: from the agency’s and the corporate’s one. During my experience in CBI I understood that the satisfaction that comes from a successful event is peerless.

Eleonora Bizzo

Business Development
M. +39 3428090596

An English-Italian mix, made of words, stubbornness and curiosity: the passion for new discoveries, interactions and new challenges has taken me from the world of science and medicine, to the world of DMCs, from the magic philanthropy of Dynamo Academy, to, finally, the world of MICE, the MICE of the Bel Paese.

Serena Travaglini

Communication Project Leader
M. +39 3454555934

Writing, creating, composing and writing again: playing with words and pictures is my job, and I love it. My educational background and experiences have driven me to the Digital Communication, a constantly changing world. I believe that passion and determination could take people far and that loving what we do every day is a great privilege.
I’m really happy to play my part in spreading MICE culture in Italy and worldwide!

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