DHS Event Solution

DHS Event Solution

The company, leader in its area of expertise, provides a comprehensive and integrated range of technologically advanced and innovative solutions.
DHS Event Solution is synonymous of experience and knowledge, thus to lead the event to a superior level.
The company purpose is to astonish its clients and increase their visibility.
Our business model, that results successful, is to mix proficiencies in order to obtain an almost perfect result.



DHS Event Solution is consolidated all over the National territory and turns around three main branches between Messina, Rome, and Milan, in order to meet its clients’ needs, in a flexible and fast way. Three expert teams, working in symbiosis, analyse the customers’ needs, and design solutions specially for them, through different stages:

  • The Creative Stage – proposing precious and alternative ideas to satisfy every different request and make the event unique and exclusive.
  • Designing – where the ideas start to have a shape thanks to the competence and virtuosity of our architects, who presents the different solutions through renderings.
  • Consulting – dedicated to the client’s satisfaction, proposing creative and innovative solutions, specific for their business.
  • Realisation – when the ideas and design come true. Technical know-how along with high qualified specialists represent the right successful combination for lighting up the event.

Our method

We are a technical equipment supplier of cutting-edge solutions in all areas of events.
Know-how, innovation and strict orientation on customer needs are the key factors of DHS’s unique success story. 
We carry about our clients, developing long lasting partnerships and providing the best technologies and services.
These are the details that lead us to pursue our goal of being the unchallenged leader in a range of industries. 
At DHS Event Solution we understand the need to be flexiblecreative
and professional by applying well-defined values to all aspects of our daily business.
Our Corporate philosophy is founded on ethical behavior protection of clients and guaranteeing the success of each event.


  • FULL HD Projection and Projects
  • Cad Graphic Projects
  • 3D Video Mapping
  • 3D Hologram
  • 7 Sense and Pandora mediaserver
  • Simultaneous digital translation equipment
  • Teleprompter
  • Videowalls and Ledwalls Project
  • Electronic Voting system
  • AV Live Streaming
  • Pre and Post Video Production

  • Advanced Communication Technology
  • Video Editing Audio Design
  • Light design
  • Trussing and Rigging Projects
  • FOH sound system
  • Staging Monitors
  • Audio Project system
  • 5.1 Dolby Surround PA system
  • Conference system
  • Speakerphones and Hybridphones
  • Live Music Management

Case History of Success

DHS Event Solution lights up Schneider Electric convention

Schneider Electric convention, held last March 9-13 in Rome, was a success!
DHS installed several high quality projectors, telepromters, Panasonic Video direction, and much more, all around the conference rooms and it configured Mirror Touch Screens throughout the event, recreating the Funny Station and the Linkedin station.
The majority technical equipment was placed in the plenary room and in the others 3 main rooms with more then 20 breakouts.

Schneider in figures

  • 1000+ participants
  • 3 media broadcasting network, several journalists from international
  • media like Al Jazeera
  • 60+ splecialists involved between technicians, cameramen,
  • photographers, audio, video lighting specialists and so on.

Frits Melanie, Event coordinator for Schneider Electric’s convention, was impressed, commenting “We wanted to thank you and your whole team for the smooth set-up & execution of the AV in the plenary and also for accommodating all our on-site last minute requests and changes.
The feedback we have received from our participants for the plenary set-up was very positive…”

For more information about the technical equipment installed during Schneider’s event, visit our web site section ”Work” and go through the gallery.

ALSTOM GRID - Energising the World

Alstom, the global leader in the world of power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure, it inaugurated the new worldwide research center in Italy, inside the Italian division in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), last 2015.

Alstom Italy will be actively involved in the biggest worldwide projects power network realisations.
For realising this area, Alstom invested 34 million euros, 11 of these destined to the research and development.

DHS Event Solution was the technologies and specialists provider for the conference.

The location proposed a particular audio and lighting.
In ear meeting (the acustic condition of the location) the participants was gifted with radio headsets, striking down the echo.
A simple but revolutionary solution, adding a small standard diffusion system, it guaranteed a high audio quality level.
Projection full HD – 21000 Ansilumen Lighting.

Read the entire case history on the section “News”.

The world’s entertainment content market: MIPCOM

The major players of the industry converge at MIPCOM in Cannes to transform four days of meetings, screenings and conferences into deals. From blockbuster programming to groundbreaking partnerships.
Hundreds of hot titles and panels faced during the MIPCOM 2015 official conference and screening.

Attending to MIPCOM allows to connect with the entire entertainment ecosystem.
Finding co-production partners and finance your projects and meeting with the creative industry and develop new projects. Discovering new international channels to enrich your bouquet and screening and acquiring new content production. 

Mipcom in figures

Even during this edition at MIPCOM 2015, our team of specialists provides the technical support and assistance next to RAI COM.

The installation was projected and realised to be integrated to the scenic structure.

The supporting structure was integrated into the stand walls and the missing ventilation, for cooling the machinery, it made this project complex and well-advanced.
Apple MacBook Pro Retina was used as player to guarantee about 12h of execution with hight resolution.

Led wall display panel (3.91mm)

Read the entire case history on the section “News”.

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