Symposia is an Italian PCO – DMC with thirty years of experience in the event industry, and more than 1050 congresses organized.

Our well-trained team has proven experience and expertise in the organization of both scientific and major Institutional events. Most of them have been working together for years, learning how to maximise their effectiveness as a group. At Symposia we value our partners and clients and strive to offer a service that is both friendly and dedicated. That’s why we always guarantee the support of both an Event Manager and a Project Leader. Together they will take care of every single organisation, administrative and operational task, developing an effective budget, so as to maximise income/profit for the client.

Budgeting can be a critical part in the event planning process. We offer our administrative consulting services to help our clients examine all the financial elements involved and suggest appropriate adjustments, when needed. Symposia will support both the client and the conference participants in every step of the event management, from online registration to the payment of the conference fees. 

We ensure good value for money by offering some services for free, such as searching for and comparing the best venues for your event or negotiating prices with a wide range of selected hotels near the conference venue. We are a member of the Italian Convention Bureau, Rome and Latium Convention Bureau, Federcongressi and ICCA and Ms. Patrizia Pasolini, the Sole Director and CME-it executive, is also a member of MPI. 

Why choose us

  • We will be a strong partner on your side – putting our 30 years experience at your disposal.
  • We will provide skilled operative cooperation as well as an high profile organizational advice.
  • Our skills have been built and improved through over a thousand conferences and almost 3000 participants management in the scientific, energetic, institutional, medical and inclusiviy fields.
  • Our staff works with passion, creativity, professionalism, attitude to problem solving and a strong orientation to the client needs.


Operational headquarter in the “Prati” area, Rome


One sole administrator, 5 permanent collaborators


Architect for graphics and set up arrangiaments


Events from 1988 to 2017 including


  • Event management
  • Abstract handling
  • Speaker program management
  • Event promotion and marketing
  • Designing and exhibition hall set up
  • On site management
  • Mailing and recall for big events
  • New Media and communications activities
  • Free booking reservation service
  • Social program
  • Financial management
  • Location scouting and negotiation
  • Registration and fee payment
  • Contracting with sponsors
  • Contracting exhibition halls
  • Association management
  • Bid preparation for national and international conferences
  • “Green” conference management

Case History of Success

ISMC 2013 - Rome, September 15-19 2013 – University of Rome “La Sapienza”

The ISMC 2013 International Soft Matter Conference – organized by the Department of Physics of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” – took place in the lecture hall of the Rectorship and the Department classrooms and hosted about 900 participants from all over the world.

Symposia handled the cashing and invoicing service, all logistic management services, participant welcoming & accreditation, the social program management as well as the conference financial management and budgeting at all stages. 

ECIS 2016 - Rome, September 4-9 2016 – University of Rome “La Sapienza”

The 30th Conference on The European Colloid and Interface Society ECIS 2016 Conference – organized by prof. Luciano Galantini from the Chemistry Department of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” was held inside the University and hosted about 800 participants: a great success – as testified by the thanksgiving letter from the general secretary of the ECIS association to Prof. Galantini (please find below).

“The 30th ECIS Conference in Rome was one of the best conferences of ECIS that attracted the greatest number of participants for all 30 conferences of the society.

I would like to thank to you and all your colleagues that contributed for the excellent organization; appropriate selection of interesting topics in all thematic areas, friendly atmosphere, and magnificent conference dinner.

I believe that not only me, but also all participants will keep unforgettable impressions from the Conference in Rome, which will serve as a high standard for the future ECIS conferences.

With my best wishes and regards, Peter

Peter Kralchevsky ECIS Secretary” 

ESCI 2017 - Genoa, 17 –-19 May 2017 - IRCCS AOU San Martino-IST

The 51st Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Society for Clinical Investigation was held in the Genoa Hospital “San Martino” and hosted almost 600 participants from all Europe, who took part in 19 workshops on various thematics related as well as to the Gala Dinner held at Palazzo del Principe. Symposia handled the cashing and invoicing service, all logistic management services, participant welcoming & accreditation, the social program management as well as the conference financial management and budgeting at all stages. 

AIDEA 2017 – Rome, Setember 14-15 2017 – Economics Department, “Roma Tre”

The AIDEA 2017 National Conference – which hosted almost 650 academics from all over Italy – has been a fruitful forum for all members of the economics scientific community to discuss and exchange ideas about the future trends of Business Economics and Management Studies, especially in light of the profound and disruptive transformations in technological, political and socio-economic contexts in recent decades. A dialogue for an interdependent, transverse vision among the various Business Economics and Management disciplines that, despite their specificity, can receive inspiration from the unitary and still relevant common matrix.

2017-2018 bidding awards
ENTER 2017 – Rome, January 24-27 2017 – Department of Foreign Languages and Modern Cultures, “Roma Tre” University

The 24th edition of the international conference on e-tourism organized annually by the International Federation for Information Technology and Travel & Tourism (IFITT) – in partnership with Symposia srl – brought together international travel and tourism specialists, decision makers, technologists, academics, destination managers as well as Governmental representatives, all of them experts in Information and Communication Technologies in Travel and Tourism. The 4-days Conference successfully hosted 360 participants. 

IAPS 2018 International Association People Environment Studies 9 - 13 July 2018, Università Roma Tre University

The theme of the 25th International Association People – Environment Studies – IAPS 2018 Rome Conference follows coherently with the themes of the last Conferences in Lund/Alnarp, Timisoara, Glasgow and Leipzig. The theme of the last IAPS conference underlined the importance of the everyday life contexts to understand people-environment relations. In Rome 2018 we go further along this thematic stream, and focus on the transition processes needed to achieve more sustainable societies at the global, regional and local level. The theme we propose is therefore referred to the “Transitions to sustainability, lifestyles and human wellbeing: cultural, environmental and political challenges”.

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Event manager
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Event manager
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