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PLS Educational deals since 1989 with communication, marketing, event planning and management of various categories of Associations and Foundations. PLS manages events, marketing projects and National and International congresses with an “all inclusive” formula, thanks to its multiple in-house available skills. PLS develops medium and long term relations, thanks to its expertise in Association Management. PLS has an operational sales team to build up relationships with different companies and sectors, ranging from Health, Culture, Education, Sport up to consumer goods companies. PLS is a IAPCO and ICCA member since 2007 and member of Italian Convention Bureau, Firenze Convention & Visitors Bureau and Federcongressi&Eventi. PLS Educational has among its customers also nonprofit organizations that, hardly getting support from private companies, often need to be supported at the strategic level in their fundraising activities to accomplish their projects.

Why choose us

  • PLS is an active and propositional partner, offering targeted advice and careful analysis;
  • we develop marketing, communication ad advertising strategies tailored on our client’s needs.
  • Based in Florence, with connections in Milan and Rome, and with a staff of 50 people, PLS Educational is a real factory that follows the customer at every stage of the event: design, graphics, preparation of exhibitions, organization, logistics, communication and social media, reception, CRM software, budgeting and sponsorship issues.
  • An effective fusion of expertise, know-how, corporate culture and experience, supported by the latest techonologies.
  • We are your best answer for international and national events in Italy and around Europe

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ICCA Best Marketing Award 2007

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EUBEA – European Best Events Awards 2007


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PLS offers a full range of services for fundraising, with an integrated approach, working side-by-side with the customer, calibrating the work to the size and to the goals of the organization, ensuring the campaigns are effective and consistent. Main services are: professional congress organization, event management, in-house long-term secretariat, skilled professionals dedicated to national and International congresses, sales & marketing team, CME procedures, budgeting and cost control, data management, press office and digital team for social media management. PLS works together with numerous institutions (Ministry of Health, Regions, local health and sanitary structures) to organize national and international events and training projects for professionals working in healthcare, cultural and sporting events.

Case History of Success

IMPACT Proactive

IMPACT proactive: a project launched by PLS Educational four months after the approval of the Legge 38/2010 (a national law that regulates access for citizens to palliative care and pain therapy) to bring together Institutions, Scientific Societies, Associations and Foundations and to create a network that promotes information and up-to-date training to all professionals involved in pain management. This thanks to a high-level Scientific Committee chaired by Gianfranco Gensini and composed by the leading experts in the field.
IMPACT proactive promotes activities, projects and communication strategies: an activity that is carried out through the annual organization of a workshop with national and international guests, to take stock of the situation in the fight against pain and to face during each edition all the different issues related to palliative care and pain therapy.
But not only that: thanks to the two websites (aimed to a scientific audience) and (addressed to a wider public) and to a daily presence on social networks, IMPACT proactive has created a channel to inform and interact both with the citizen/patient and with scientific and institutional partners.
In February 2015 IMPACT proactive launched together with Fondazione ANT Italia Onlus and Federconsumatori the project Vademecum sul dolore (“Handbook on pain”), a booklet aimed at informing citizens, distributed in more than 1,200 strategic points located throughout the Italian territory: it’s the first major national campaign to inform and raise the awareness of citizens on the subject of pain.

EAP-FIAP European Congress for Psychotherapy

PLS Educational has launched an initiative open to all Florentine citizens and to other therapeutic areas during the EAP-FIAP European Congress for Psychotherapy, held in Florence from June 14 to June 17, 2007; the theme of the project was the month of “Humor in Psychotherapy”, with activities and events including:
A press conference to launch the event;
fundraising for Fondazione Meyer through a special choreography (about 25,000 people wore a purple clown nose during the match Fiorentina – Sampdoria at the Artemio Franchi stadium on May 27, 2007);
exhibition and booths for children, citizens and tourists in Piazza della Repubblica from June 10 to June 18, 2007;
Photo Exhibition at the seat of the Province of Florence, in Palazzo Medici Riccardi, from June 7 to 17, 2007;
Participation to the Gala dinner and speech at the Congress by the physician PATCH ADAM

XXFESSH Congress

Since 2012, PLS Educational takes care in Italy on of behalf of SICM (Società Italiana di Chirurgia della Mano, Italian Society for Surgery of the Hand) of the congress management for the international FESSH(Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand) congress.

The 2015 edition was held at MiCo (Milano Congressi) on June 17-20, 2015, and was attended by about 1,700 experts from all over Europe and beyond, who participated to a series of keynotes and over thirty workshops dedicated to new technologies, innovation in the treatment of disorders of the hand, and to the latest innovations in the field of rehabilitation.

An event of the highest scientific level and international prestige; PLS Educational followed all aspects of the organization: design, development, selection and layout of the seat of the Congress, management of up-to-date technological and computerized platforms, booking of flights and hotels, reception. All the details were taken care of, including gala dinners in the most prestigious and comfortable venues, a guided visit to Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper mural painting, the organization of the FESSH Golf Challenge competition, open to all participants.

Tous Ensemble

Convention Milan
300 pax – December 2016
In 2016 we organized the convention of a French global company specialized in vegetal beauty products. An exclusive location in Milan was the stage of a special night, a mix of entertainment and vision of the future.

We managed the production and logistcs, giving shape to a project that was particularly appreciated by the client.

Culture Mix

Convention – Venice
100 pax – November 2016
In 2016 we have been in Venice for the convention of an important international trading company. About 100 guests from all over the world attended the event.
The programme of the event was based on the melting pot of different cultures, a mix of splendour and global atmosphere.
The charm of Venice has been the trademark of the programme. Three days of pure elegance

Deep into nature

Team Building – Lucca
200 pax – September 2016
In Lucca, in the hearth of Tuscany, we organized a team building event for an Italian financial company.

We managed several logistic tasks ranging from hotels to transfers. We have been in charge of the team building activities and of the location selection as well, giving shape to a sport and adventure project particularly appreciated by the client

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