Your Italy, at Hand

How often have you seen images of our magnificent great cities? Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan are among the world’s most alluring places.
But did you know that the whole country presents unforgettable sights and perceptions?
Be inspired by the photographic journey that we take you on. Every image represents an example of the intrinsic value of the Italian identity. Be inspired by our Italy at Hand. To you we dedicate our Italian way of doing events.

To you we dedicate a virtual journey through the images of our Italy at hand communication campaign, and now our claim, which aims to represent visually the values of our Italian spirit, of our culture.
Be inspired by the images of the Community which tell, each highlighting a different aspect, of the Italian way of doing things.

Tourism is one of the main industries in Italy, generating more than 10% of the national GDP.

Moreover, Italy is the perfect destination for Business Tourism, with its many international airports, the modern and prestigious infrastructures that guarantee high-quality service, innumerable events throughout the year, breathtaking landscapes. All this provide the perfect backdrop for incentive motivational trips that are enriched by its beauty and comfortable facilities. As a choice Italy is an all round winner.

A magical context where spectacular locations plus the imagination and efficiency of the Italian MICE operators combine to create the perfect premise for events at the highest level.
It’s no wonder that the Bel Paese stands out as one of the favourite places for congressional tourism.
The Bel Paese is an excellent choice of location for congresses, meetings and conventions.

Italy is the perfect MICE destination.